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Growing graduate programs to meet the needs of today's students

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Strong graduate programs enhance undergraduate education in multiple ways, said Kletzer, who sees them as complementary rather than competing interests.

Photo of Dean Lori Kletzer
(Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta)

July 11, 2018

By Jennifer McNulty

Lori Kletzer enjoys leadership challenges that involve collaboration and strategic thinking, two skills that will come into play in her new role as vice provost and dean of the Division of Graduate Studies.

"My charge is to strengthen and grow graduate programs," said Kletzer. "My role will be to work side by side with the academic departments to help them grow their current programs and think about new programs they want to develop."

Kletzer, a professor of economics who joined the UC Santa Cruz faculty in 1992, is stepping into this key leadership position following seven years as provost of Colby College. Returning to campus, she is eager to lead the "centrally important task" of graduate education.

To adapt, graduate programs may need to rethink their curriculum, their advising and mentoring efforts, and their expectations about how long it takes to earn a doctorate, said Kletzer.

Kletzer, a labor economist who specializes in the labor market consequences of international trade and technological change, says this opportunity is a good fit for "my history and UC Santa Cruz's history." The Graduate Division is better integrated into the campus than ever before, and growth will enhance the UC Santa Cruz mission of teaching and research, boost the campus's reputation, and prepare graduates to assume leadership opportunities in the 21st century economy.

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