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NSF funds powerful new supercomputer for UC Santa Cruz researchers The new high-performance computer

September 10, 2018

By Tim Stephens

A $1.547 million grant from the National Science Foundation will fund a powerful new supercomputer for UC Santa Cruz researchers in fields ranging from astrophysics to climate science.

Astrophysicist Brant Robertson uses supercomputers to study galactic outflows, fast-moving winds of hot gas driven out of galaxies. This image is from a simulation of the complex astrophysical processes in a galactic outflow. [Image credit: Brant Robertson (UCSC) and Evan Schneider (Princeton)

Principal investigator Brant Robertson, an associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics, said he hopes to have the new high-performance computer system up and running by the end of the calendar year.

"It will provide a dramatic increase in the computational power available to the campus, and it will serve a wide range of scientists throughout the division," Robertson said. "We'll be able to do bigger and faster simulations and more realistic modeling of physical processes."

Read more of this story at the UCSC news website.

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