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Student pushes for authentic representation of deaf community

November 15, 2018

By Lisa Renner

Chrissy signing to the camera for a video
All of Chrissy Marshall's videos are captioned with transcripts and some have guest voiceovers so that the videos are as accessible as possible. (Photos by Lindsey Vande Wege)

As a deaf person, Chrissy Marshall hates it when people react to hearing loss with pity.

The 19-year-old UC Santa Cruz film and digital media student wants people to know that there is a vibrant deaf community and culture, and that deaf people love their lives. She spreads the word by making educational videos on her YouTube Channel “The Essential Sign.”

The Maryland native was born severely hard of hearing and slowly lost hearing until in her junior year in high school, she identified as deaf. Though she has always used hearing aids, they don’t benefit her now and she prefers to communicate with American Sign Language.

Read the complete article at the UCSC Newscenter.

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