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Policy: Falsification, Accuracy of Application Materials

Applicants are expected to complete their UC application completely and accurately, and the veracity of that information is at the core of all admissions decisions.


This expectation pertains to all academic records regardless of how far in the past or where (domestic or international) the record was created, and includes all transcript notations whatsoever (e.g., incompletes, withdrawals, etc.). Proper submission of official materials is also of utmost importance.


Letters of recommendation must be submitted by the letter writer; an applicant must not submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of the letter writer. 


In cases where an applicant has submitted incomplete or inaccurate information on their UC application, or fraudulently submitted official application materials on behalf of another individual or institution, the matter will be reviewed as a case of falsification and can result in the cancellation of the application.

UC Statement of Application Integrity- “Falsified application information may include but is not limited to: making inaccurate statements on the application, withholding information requested on the application, giving false information, or submitting fraudulent or falsified documents in support of an admissions application.”

An applicant may appeal the cancellation of admission due to falsification by submitting a letter of appeal to the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies within 14 calendar days of the date of notice of cancellation. The letter must include relevant information as to why the cancellation is inappropriate. Any supporting documentation that has direct bearing on the falsification matter must be included. The Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies will review and determine the outcome of the appeal, potentially working with other UC Santa Cruz officials (College Provost, Judicial Affairs Officer, UC Santa Cruz legal counsel, etc.) as appropriate.

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